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Anhydrite-based fluid screed

Liquid screed  based on Anhydrite


The product is a fluid mortar based on calcium sulphate, also called (anhydrite screed), prepared in the production unit and delivered to the site in a mixer truck.


It is intended for the production of self-leveling screeds  in separate installation  or floating  (on sound and / or thermal insulation), inside buildings.

It is suitable for all types of floors including heated floors.

This process  also allows the production of large surface screeds, up to 1000 m2 without splitting joints.

Rather drying time  slow 

(example :  5 to 6 weeks of drying for a screed 5 to 6 cm thick  subject to a humidity test carried out by the flooring installer).

No risk of cracking in the event of late coating installation.


The building must be closed and covered, glazing installed.

The applicator uses adjustable rod gauges for leveling the clevis, as well as a laser leveling device to adjust the level of the gauges.

Then the operator regularly moves the mortar outlet pipe over the entire surface to be covered so that the screed is flush with the adjustment rods of the tripods.

  As the casting progresses, the flatness of the screed is improved by passing the equalization bar and then possibly the broom brush.

At the same time, the curing agent is sprayed onto the surface in the form of a thin, continuous film.

Chape Anhydrite sur plancher chauffant

Chape Anhydrite sur plancher chauffant

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